Monday, October 15, 2007


Are you busy this week?

My harried week:

Take Brownie troop on hike, then try selling nuts and magazines no one wants to buy.
Chaperone the all-school field trip and don't embarrass own kids by being the silly mom.
Flu shots for the family—Ouch!
Nag kids to do book reports, but first nag them to finish reading books for said reports.
Call mom and apologize for not calling last week.
Close my eyes and pick paint for son's bedroom and hope one of his choices isn't black.
Sort out over 300 books purchased for school author visit and ignore my husband saying, "Why did you volunteer for this?"
Buy three presents for upcoming local birthday parties.
Buy, pack and mail birthday gifts for two out-of-town relatives.
What are the kids wearing for Halloween? Add costume shopping to list.
Dog needs rabies booster.
Find time to wash, dry and style hair and actually put on make-up for driver's license photo renewal.
Give spouse massage (and more) so he offers to help with that huge laundry pile.
Eat chocolate.

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