Sunday, November 05, 2006


It hit me

Every November 1st, it happens. This year was no exception. I was tossing the squirrel-chewed Jack-o-lantern in the trash, when my stomach flipped. Yep, it's November. Holidays are coming. Relatives are visiting. Thanksgiving first--that means food planning and groceries. And the endless attempt to make something my son will eat besides dinner rolls. Then December crashes into my schedule. Oh, I know it's coming, but it's best ignored until after Thanksgiving.

Things to buy. That means I have to go into a store, a mall, some place where I have to make shopping decisions. Presents must be bought, wrapped, packed and shipped to distant relations. The wish list from my kids will be changed at least twice--after I've bought their gifts. My husband will offer to help with wrapping and decorations, but his work load will increase ten-fold before his holiday vacation, so I'll be stuck with the chores. I have to plan early for the cheesy photo card to send to all the folks that send me one in return. Then there's the school stuff: parties, teacher gifts, parties, friend gifts, baking, parties...Oh, nearly forgot this: Birthday party for my December child. That means more planning: invitations, favors, gifts, cake....Like I said, it hit me.

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