Thursday, October 26, 2006


Disappearing Gloves

It's only October and we've managed to lose two jackets and three pairs of gloves already. Seems impossible since I just dragged out the winter clothing bin last week—a plastic container stuffed with various mittens, hats, scarves and such. My feeble attempt at organization. Things still get lost. Managed to find one soft glove for my daughter only to discover it wasn't with it's pair, but wrapped up with a sock of the same light blue shade. I regularly haunt the lost and found at school, hoping to discover the two fall jackets my son has lost. I don't want to buy another jacket. Or more gloves. Really. Don't make me shop. But real problem is this: It's only October, and my kids need to wear gloves!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I can't resist

Even harried parents have to take a break. Today there are six piles of laundry in need of attention. Three full baskets of clean, folded clothes upstairs, just waiting to be tucked away in a nice drawer. And three dirty ones downstairs, littering the laundry room floor, hoping to be tossed in the wash. Yep, I need to take care of this situation. But it's so nice outside. Really nice. An early October autumn Sunday. I can't resist the bright colors of the day calling me outside. Could you?

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